“I began my pole journey just over a year ago and it’s one of the best decisions I ever made. I continue to be astounded by just what my body is capable of, I have gained so much strength, both physically and mentally, and my confidence has increased tenfold. Bexiita’s teaching method is incredibly positive and encouraging, she has a real knack of knowing just what you are capable of and gently pushes you to the next stage, showing a lot more faith in your ability than you often have yourself! The overall atmosphere of classes is a real ‘all in it together’ mentality, no one is made to feel uncomfortable about their age, size or ability – It is like a family, and I can honestly say I’ve made friends that I know I will have for life. I am proud and excited to be a part of Bexiita’s Revved Up Pole school, and I can’t wait to see how far my pole journey will take me!” TD 

“This is the friendliest, warmest and most inviting studio I’ve ever had the pleasure to teach workshops in. The people make it truly fantastic – the environment was nurturing and supportive from every angle. I bonded so fantastically with the women here that I use the images from my time here in all my promotional materials! Love Bexiita to bits and BIG loves to Revved Up Pole!”  DEB ROACH, ULTIMATE POLE CHAMPION 2012 993302_493047367446930_1613137442_n “I started pole in March this year. I was really interested in pole but was worried about people judging, being new to a class and trying to fit in. I was recommend this pole school by a few people and heard it was brilliant, so I dragged my cousin along with me to the first lesson. Starting a class with people who already had experience for few weeks was very worrying and I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the pace, but on my first lesson I walked in and straight away I was acknowledged and greeted by everyone, and they all introduced themselves to us. When we got onto the poles everyone made the moves look so easy and I’m very unfit and not very flexible at all. I found some things very difficult at first, but everyone is really supportive and offers help each other, it’s really nice to be welcomed into a group and have such a bond with people that really encourage each other to do well. Once we have achieved moves we all get photos of each other so we can show our moves off and everyone can praise each other. It’s nice to know every week that I have a great pole class with excellent teachers who always want us all to do well and improve to our full potential. Bex and Claire are there for any support and welcome any questions however silly we think they are. I now achieve things I never thought were possible, I am more flexible than I have ever been and I am so glad I found Revved Up Pole and learn with others who are so supportive and share the same love for pole” JESS H1485081_839656799413672_8141505938837449591_n “I am a 48 yr old mother of two who had done no physical exercises for years (apart from the usual running up and down stairs with piles of ironing and washing!) I have been going to classes for about 7 months with Bex and Claire – one hour a week – just one hour! I look at pics of myself now and still cannot believe it’s me!! Such a lovely and supportive class – brilliant teachers – so encouraging – the only person you need to challenge is yourself. The old adage if I can do it anyone can is so so true! I am fitter, stronger, more confident, walk taller, slowly getting slimmer! and have dusted off my high heels (as well as bought new ones!) – all that for an hour a week. That’s what I call a bargain and a real investment- in me!” EVA J


Eva at our studio shoot with Millie Robson

“I have been taking lessons from Bex for a couple of years now. When I started pole dance lessons I was nervous but determined, it was the usual nervousness, my tummy was too fat, I didn’t know gymnastics and I had no dance background. From the very beginning Bex made me feel comfortable about myself, she encouraged me to try different moves because she said she believed I could do it. This boosted my confidence especially as she was right. I could do the moves she wanted me to do because with every move she teaches, she breaks them down into sections which on their own are pretty amazing but when you put them together are mind blowing. I never knew that I would ever have the confidence or ability to do half of what I can do now and it is all thanks to a brilliant teacher that understands you from the beginning, who befriends and supports you throughout your discovery of the art of Pole.” LOUISE H 10371439_729172717128748_1769385534368008695_n “Awesome way of getting fit! Great pole instructors to help you on your pole journey, it’s a must! I’ve never looked back. I had a baby 8 months ago and going to pole fitness has helped me get back to my pre pregnancy figure. Revved Up Pole is the place to go. Fitness, fun and friendships!” KATIE D

“After a two year break due to having babies I’m back doing pole fitness with the lovely Bex and I look forward to it without a doubt every week! She is not only very professional but a friend for life too. I have lost a stone in the short time I’ve been back and it’s just so nice having a fitness hobby to really enjoy! All the girls in my class are lovely and have really made me feel welcome instead of “the new girl”. I will indeed agree with the others on this page and say I’ve made some great friends and am amazed at what my body can do on the pole.” ZOE R


Zoe at our studio shoot with Millie Robson

“I couldn’t think of anyone I’d like to recommend more. This place and Revved Up ladies are fabulous at welcoming, focusing and most of all building strength and confidence! Some people see pole differently – don’t judge until you try! It’s as normal as any other fitness class, with the added bonus of new friends! I’ve only been going for a couple of months and look forward to every lesson. There are different shapes and sizes, but no one judges you. That’s the best bit – getting fit around people who are the same as you and boost your confidence! I am stronger, more flexible, I have new found friends and it’s built my inner strength. I used to struggle with bad back pain, but learning new techniques and gaining muscle has stopped the majority of my pain. I was so nervous but straight away everone made me feel welcome and safe. I have more confidence and I’m a healthier happier person. This place comes highly recommended in my books!” STEPH J 


Pole mamas class, Wednesdays 10am

“After a two year break from pole I really wanted to get back into it. I found Bex’s school, Revved Up Pole, and decided to go for it, even though I was quite nervous after such a long time away! There was no need for any nerves as it is such a friendly place, and all the girls are great. Bex and Claire make you feel welcome and a valued and wanted member of Team Revved Up!! Anybody wanting to try pole should definitely stop thinking about it and start doing it! It gives you so much confidence and is an excellent way of keeping fit, and getting toned and strong. As a single mother, I work, and am currently doing a degree at uni full time – pole is my time out from every day life where I can have a laugh, enjoy myself, make new friends and get fit all in one go (talk about multi-tasking!) Revved Up Pole is an excellent pole school. From the amazing and inspiring teachers to the friendly atmosphere, as well as all the support you get from the other girls there, it really is the best pole school around!” JODIE S 


Jodie at our photo shoot with Millie Robson

“I decided to start pole dancing to improve my upper body strength and overall flexibility to help with some of the other sports that I do. I was a bit nervous about starting something new, but the classes Bex runs have such a fun and friendly atmosphere I was soon at ease and enjoying myself. It is also amazing how quickly, with the right tuition, your strength and coordination improves! In the first class I came away feeling like I’d learnt so much in just a short space of time. Bex is really clear in her instruction and takes time to help everyone individually. If you need specific help on a move Bex will break it down and support you through it until you feel comfortable doing it on your own. Equally if you have mastered everything quickly she will give you help with new moves so you are never left bored. Bex is a brilliant teacher and makes sure that everyone leaves the class with a smile on their face and a real sense of achievement. She is patient, skilled and attentive always offering encouragement, and she does it all with an infectious fun and caring nature.” MB 10686641_839656776080341_1350025498905403480_n “I started at Revved Up Pole in March 2014 after having 2 years off pole as I could no longer get to evening classes. I searched for a day time class and plucked up the courage to go along on my own! Bex and Claire and everyone in the class was so nice and made me feel really welcome. Since March I have lost a stone in weight and my confidence gets better and better each week. Bex is very supportive, explains the moves really really well and always gets the best out of everyone. I absolutely love pole and can’t wait to go each week. I couldn’t recommend it enough” MICHELLE B

“I’ve been going to Bex and Claire’s pole classes for the past year or so. This is the third pole studio I’ve been to for pole classes over the last few years. Without a doubt it’s the best! The classes are always fun and challenging with plenty of encouragement and everyone is genuinely pleased for you when you “nail that move!”. Bex is extremely talented and is truly passionate about pole. She knows your ability and understands how hard and far she can push you” CHLOE W


Chloe at our Millie Robson photo shoot

“When I first started pole fitness with Bexiita, I never thought what I have achieved so far would be possible. I struggled to do the spins we learnt in our first lessons and when it came to trying to lift myself up on the pole – I was hopeless! I used to watch Bex effortlessly performing stunning moves and think “that is never going to happen”. However, I loved Bex’s pole lessons so much that I continued coming week after week and gradually found that some of those moves I had once deemed impossible became achievable! I watched not only myself improve, but also the girls I had made friends with in the class and we would all celebrate each of our newly mastered moves with an enormous sense of pride and satisfaction. With Bex’s professional instruction and encouragement not only have I improved my fitness, confidence and self-esteem with pole, I have met some amazing people who have become some of my closest friends. Pole fitness with Bexiita at Revved Up Pole isn’t just a sport. It’s a challenge, a change, a community and something that I am incredibly proud to be part of.” GEMMA  10513528_729143377131682_9123950735821850348_n “I started at Revved Up Pole for fun, just a once a week class to hang out with one of my best friends. I loved it right from the beginning, after the first 6 weeks I started to notice real changes in my strength and flexibility. Now after well over a year I am truly addicted to pole. Bex is an amazing teacher and I know that if I take a picture to her of something I want to do I will be doing it by the end of my session, she really works wonders in the world of pole and her own personal constant progression always inspires me to further myself and set another pole goal.” CHARLOTTE B.

“Bex is everything awesome. She is kind, understanding, helpful and an absolutely fabulous teacher. She makes everyone feel special and full of praise. Bex is an inspiration and a wonderful person!” JULIE C  star



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